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Our headphones are integral part of our smartphone. Impossible to listen to music or to have a conversation doing something else without them.

For years, we have lost hours searching for our audio headset and untangling the cord.

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Cordever is a light and smart solution to this everyday problem, bringing a very light case, an earphone holder and a cord manager all together!

With Cordever, your headset is always handy, tidy and accessible immediately.

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cordever design

Non slippery material provides comfortable grip and design allows easy access to all controls and connectors.

edges are fully protectedlight yet strong structure

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back clips keep cord in place

Double hinges allow easy wrapping and instant unwrapping

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Suitable for Apple Iphone 5

  • Strong & flexible laser sintered nylon plastic

  • Weight: Iphone + 1 mm (0.04 inches)

  • Length: Iphone + 2 mm (0.07 inches)

  • Weight: 7 grams
    (0.24 ounces)

- 4 seconds to unwrap

- 10 seconds to wrap

earbud holder


Cordever is available in:

  • Hot Pink

  • Royal Blue

  • Violet Purple

  • White

  • Coral Red

Cordever Color Set
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Cordever is available!

(Iphone 5 not included :)

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Just release the two hinges and 4 seconds later your earbuds are ready to use!

instant unwrapping!

To wrap, close the first hinge, wrap your earbuds cord.

wrapping step1

wrapping step2

heavy case


Case, bumper, cord manager?

From 20 to 400 grams,
from $4 to $280,
you bought them,
you lost them,
you found them,
you spent 5 mn to unwrap,
you spent 6 mn to wrap,
you lost them.


Fur Iphone Case

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